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父母 select 新葡京app for their child for a variety of reasons. 我们相信我们的 Engaging, Nurturing and Transforming Experience sets us apart from other schools in the community.

The following is our top 10 list of what parents describe as the 新葡京app Difference:

1.  长寿 – Eastern Christian is one of the oldest Christ-centered schools in the United States; it is actually the largest and oldest Christian school in New Jersey! 对美国人来说,我们已经很老了! 成立于1892年, EC has remained committed to its mission of empowering and educating students from Christian families. We seek to launch out young people that are rooted in their faith and integrity and very well equipped to thrive as a leader in whatever sphere of influence the Lord is leading them. We’re focused on the 18-year old version of your child and scaffolding every year of their experience, in every facet– certainly academically, 还有精神上的, 在情感上, 社会, and physically– to be working towards that goal!

2.  基督教的世界观There is a tremendous amount of influence that stems from your child’s school experience. We want to ensure we are partnered with families where our worldviews align. At the heart of an EC education is the foundation of a Christian worldview that is integrated throughout every class, 体育运动, 表现或活动. Every student at EC is challenged to grow in his/her spiritual walk through compelling chapels, 服务项目, 以及以基督为中心的榜样.

3. 安全安全是我们的第一要务. 在电子商务, we work very hard to protect every student’s physical, 情感, 社会, 精神安全. 来自我们的安全主管, 一位退休警官, who ensures our facilities are secure physically and via personnel, 给我们的技术总监, who supports appropriate student use and access is readily available and protected.

4.  全面的教育Beginning in preschool, and culminating in 12th grade, students can experience an EC education in one school, where learning is scaffolded to provide for ample student support and challenge through compelling educators that contagiously inspire students.

5.  三个校区EC is uniquely blessed with three campuses—our 学前教育 & Elementary campus includes PK-grade 2, our 上小学 & 中学 campus includes grades 3-8, and our high school campus includes grades 9-12. Transitioning to the next division is often accompanied by an exciting time of increased responsibility as we celebrate student growth and the next step toward independence and launching out the next generation of leaders.

6.  具有挑战性的学者在电子商务, we deeply value the pursuit of excellence in academics. 强调这种努力, students are propelled through a challenging education that prepares them for college and life. There are numerous opportunities for grades K-8 to engage student enrichment, 从高等数学课, Horizons (similar to gifted and talented programs elsewhere) for students that think outside the box, as well as a host of other personalized curricular elements through in-class instruction in ELA, 蒸汽, 数学, 及特别班. In high school robust course offerings further nurture differentiation and rigorous academics, as well as diverse subject matter, evidenced through classes bearing 37 college credits. 

7.  培养社区学生 at EC become part of a nurturing community that is focused on the individual. It’s a lot like a family away from home. We’re humbled by our incredible retention rate. Once families become a part of EC it’s uncommon for them to leave, even for generations!

8.  杰出的教师Not only are our faculty passionate about their faith, they are committed to instilling a love for learning in the classroom and engaging students in the pursuit of knowledge and truth. They themselves model the drive and love of being a life-long learner on a perpetual road towards constant improvement and advancement. 

9.  竞争激烈的体育运动Through our competitive athletic programs, students of all levels can play and participate. EC offers athletic opportunities in baseball, 篮球, 打保龄球, 最不, 长曲棍球, 排球, track, 足球, 垒球和网球. Small enough to allow for ample opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurriculars, and large enough to provide a healthy challenge of competition, our size compliments athletes from a variety of involvement levels.

10.  创造性的艺术学生 are encouraged to pursue their artistic and musical abilities through classes and programs, ranging from performance ensembles in Chorus, 乐队, 和管弦乐队的视觉艺术, 比如数码摄影, 平面设计, 陶瓷, 和更多的.

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